Sensitivity and stimulation

Colour can affect different people in different ways, and certain use of colour or pattern can really be an issue for children, as well as adults, with sensory challenges.

Parents or carers may not realise, for example that a bright colour can appear to flash to a child who has sensitivities, or busy patterns can cause physical distress. Guidance from the National Autistic Society, for example, suggests limiting bright colours in bedrooms, recommending low arousal colours, and to keep soft furnishings relatively plain. 

But, at Minimello, we thought, why should children with sensory challenges have to miss out on having a fun bedroom they can enjoy? So, with this in mind, our designs feature calm colours, as well as some clever features:

  • Our duvet covers feature a large image on one side, and a smaller pattern on the reverse, which kids can flip, depending on their taste or mood.
  • We've included a white band at the top, for children who prefer not to have bold patterns, objects or bright colours near their faces when they go to bed.
  • Our cushions and pillowcases can be personalised, to really create a safe, individual space
  • Our bedding is made using soft, cool, organic cotton to reduce risk of skin irritation or over-heating
  • And our lamps use colours that create a calm glow, while still featuring our fun designs. 

Often products for children with different needs can feel medical or industrial, but it really means a lot to us at Minimello that all kids should have a bedroom that feels safe, and still fun.