How to update your babies nursery for a growing toddler

How to update your babies nursery for a growing toddler

I don’t know about you, but it felt as though I had all the time in the world to plan Little L's room before she was born. Even though we didn’t know if she would be a boy or a girl, it felt as though I spent days researching cots, lamps, changing tables, mobiles, all in those nesting days. And then she arrived and didn’t barely enter her room til she was 6 months old!

We were renting while we did our house up for the first few months of her life, so we were in a fortunate position to be able to decorate as we wanted, ready for her to move in permanently when she was 8 months. And I’m so glad we had some time, as the room I’d have decorated for her before she was born would have been very different to the one she has now. Her room, the little box room, although still definitely a baby room, is a little bit more grown up, with it’s pale green walls and sweet Sanderson Abracazoo two by two wallpaper on one wall.

By the time she got to two, we had slowly started updated the furniture and decor as she’s grown, and it’s definitely beginning to turn into a little girl’s room now. It was a sad day when we moved the nursing chair out and replaced it with a toy box, but not so sad to see the heavy cot changing table go once she was tall enough to bang her head on it.

Now she’s spending more time in her bedroom before bedtime, reading, tucking up her dollies and getting her pyjamas on, we’re aware that we need to add storage and keep things tidier. The GLTC toy-box we got as a gift holds lots and also doubles as a seat which is so handy for snuggling up with a book, as there’s enough room for two, and it keeps the room super tidy.

We’re still to take the sides off the cot, which we are trying to hold off, and the nappy bin will soon be replaced too, but otherwise her little room will keep serving her well.

So, what have we learnt about what we need, in a small space, for a toddler, as she grows?

  • Bed: A cot-bed with removable sides has been so handy, as we know we can keep using it for a long time yet. We bought a simple Mamas and Papas one, which is super sturdy, and has room underneath for a drawer, where all the blankets and spare bedding lives, a very handy storage space! Little L moved from a grow-bag early on as she was never a fan, and has adjusted to having a duvet and pillow. She has slowly started staying at the pillow end, and under the covers most of the time!
  • Clothing storage: We re-purposed an old chest of drawers with a nice lick of bright paint and some new handles. Perfect for all the folded clothes and storing toiletries in small drawer boxes in the top drawer. We tried KonMari, rolling up clothes, and it kind of works, makes it so much easier to put together a quick nursery outfit. An Izziwotnot hanging rail has come in handy for nicer outfits, but this is the one item I’m still a bit uncertain about, as it can look pretty messy. After all, her clothing is generally colourful and bold, and doesn't look great on display all the time.
  • Toy storage: The GLTC toy-box was a lovely gift from the in-laws, and isn’t cheap, but has earned its value back already and will have a long, happy life. It’s a box, and a seat, with a cushion on top, and little fingers can’t get trapped in the lid, which was vital for us. It’s created a reading nook where there wasn’t one, and can always be moved if we re-jig the room.
  • Book storage: We like to keep all books in a dolls house shelf, which lives on the windowsill, behind the curtains, where the shutters prevent it from being seen from outside. If we didn’t have that space, we would keep the books in the toy box or on some low shelves, but with little floor and wall space, this is a great solution for now.
  • Rug: We used to have a lovely sheepskin rug on the floor when she was a baby, but I learnt very quickly that, despite being soooo insta-worthy, natural wool rugs and small children do not go together, and i was a bit unhappy when I actually thought about the fact it was the skin, of a sheep. One attempt at cleaning it and I had a matted ball which needed extensive combing which I did not have the time for. Maybe there are other ways to clean them, I'd love to know, but anyway, it’s way more sheep-friendly to buy an artificial one.
  • Pictures: We have a combination of handmade pictures and photos up now. Little L is pretty obsessed with her Grandad and her friends, so it seemed like a fun idea to put up some sweet framed photos of her with them, which she loves. 
How to update a babies room for a growing toddler

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