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Q and A about Nap At The Museum

Q and A about Nap At The Museum

You may have seen an event I'm planning called Nap At The Museum, taking place at the end of September in St Albans. Find out more at 

Well, lots of people have been intrigued, asking about what will be happening and who is taking part, so I thought I'd do a bit of a Q&A!


Where did the idea for Nap At The Museum come from?

The idea came about while I was reading up on sleep when researching for Minimello, and realised how many parents really are affected. The Children’s Sleep Charity, which the event is supporting does amazing work for so many families, I thought an event all about trying to make sleep a positive thing could be a great way of raising funds for the charity

How did you choose the charities to be supported by the event?

I wanted to raise awareness of The Children’s Sleep Charity, which does amazing work with very little funding for parents across the country, as well as providing training for sleep consultants and medical teams. 

Mind is a mental health charity with some wonderful resources and support for adults suffering with poor mental health, as so many parents are, so I wanted to highlight the connections between sleep and the impact it can have, and make the event a safe place for parents to meet others who may be going through similar challenges.

How did you decide who would be involved in bringing the event to life?

The partners are all local small businesses, which was very important, but more importantly, they all provide services which parents can use to help children to relax before bedtime. We have yoga, story-time, crafts, sleepy foods, books, and some lovely marketplace stalls with organic clothing and home accessories that can all go towards making a calm space for children, while still having fun. It’s been an amazing experience to get to know so many wonderful people and their businesses. As a new business owner, having left the corporate world earlier this year, it’s so refreshing to meet and work with women making amazing things happen!

Who should come to Nap At The Museum?

It’s for all parents in Hertfordshire with children 2 - 5 who would like to learn a little bit about how to make bedtime a positive part of the day. It’s going to be a lot of fun, with loads of things to try out and fellow parents to meet and talk about sleep in an open way, and no-one is going to judge, whatever methods you choose to get the kids to sleep!

What will happen on the day?

The event is designed to come along to after morning preschool is over, for kids who attend,and finish just in time for naptime, if that’s still a thing! The format is quite relaxed with sessions taking place from 12:45 - 2:15, while the marketplace will be open throughout, as well as chances to buy raffle tickets and bid in the silent auction for a gorgeous bed kindly donated by The Children’s Furniture Company. The sessions will be run a few times throughout so feel free to dip in and not worry if you get pulled away. Refreshments will include sleepy foods for kids, and caffeine or cold drinks and sweet things for parents.

Why should parents come along to the event?

Well, as well as supporting the charities through buying a ticket for their child, they’ll have the chance to learn some great tips from experts about how to help the kids to sleep. They might not have yet sought help from a sleep consultant, but there will be two experts, Renee and Hayley from Forty Winks there, sharing advice, as well as lots of activities to take part in. The raffle and silent auction will be a big draw, there are refreshments for kids and parents, and each child will go home with a lovely goody bag too!

What do you hope to come out of Nap At The Museum

I want everyone who attends on the day to have an amazing time, of course, and go away feeling reassured that there are ways to solve any sleep problems their children have, bedtime can be a positive experience, and that parents are not on their own if they need more help as the experts taking part are always just an email away. And ultimately, we want to raise some money for The Children’s Sleep Charity and Mind through ticket sales and the raffle and auction too.

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