Colour and meaning - RED

Colour and meaning - RED

Since I’ve started geeking out on colours and their meaning and effects on behaviour, I've become more and more interested in how they can be applied to children's behaviour. There are so many examples and experiments out there over the years, links between colour and behaviour are becoming more recognised and theory has been applied in interior design for professional and medical environments for many years, but it is only now that it is being applied to home interiors products for kids.

Individual colours do have different effects on behaviour, due to both psychological and physiological factors - how the brain and eyes process the "colours" they see. Find out more in the colour science section on, but in the meantime, here are some interesting factoids about colour that I've learnt about that I thought you might find as interesting as I did!


So apparently sports teams use colour to their advantage in an interesting way... There are examples of football grounds where the home team changing rooms are painted in red, and the away teams in green or blue. Red is seen to be so stimulating and energising that the home team feel that it will give them some kind of advantage over the chilled out opposition. Now, I have no personal evidence that this is the case, but it does make sense. I wonder if Arsenal and Manchester United or Liverpool Football teams have red changing rooms? Ok, that’s enough wondering about football…

I can only take from this that red would be a pretty bad colour to decorate a kids room with, or even feature much of, especially with contrasting colours. Red is a great colour to have in playrooms and spaces where kids play, but not for the bedroom.


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  • Joanna Dunn