Colour and meaning - BLUE

Colour and meaning - BLUE

Since I’ve started geeking out on colours and their meaning and effects on behaviour, I've become more and more interested in how they can be applied to children's behaviour. There are so many examples and experiments out there over the years, links between colour and behaviour are becoming more recognised and theory has been applied in interior design for professional and medical environments for many years, but it is only now that it is being applied to home interiors products for kids.

Individual colours do have different effects on behaviour, due to both psychological and physiological factors - how the brain and eyes process the "colours" they see. Find out more in the colour science section on, but in the meantime, here are some interesting factoids about colour that I've learnt about that I thought you might find as interesting as I did!


Blue is listed as the most popular favourite colour across the board, for men and women. In a survey of 1974 people (Philip Cohen) , 42% of men and 29% of women said it was their favourite, giving reasons such as promoting tranquility, creating a calming environment, it’s the colour of the sky and sea, it is the colour of trust and responsibility, which is why so many financial institution tend to use it in their branding.

Interestingly, the colour was not really known as a colour of it’s own until fairly recently (OK, 4,500 years) but all other colours were recognised. It was a very difficult colour to re-create, artists didn’t have access to blue paint until the renaissance period, and even then it was very expensive. And even recently, certain tribes-people in Namibia, who were asked to identify a blue square amongst green did not have a name for it.

Anyway, now we're fortunate to have artificial blue dyes and paints, blue is everywhere in our world. Some shades can be thought to be gloomy or formal, but decorating a bedroom with the right shades of blue can create a calming space which is perfect for a good night's sleep. 

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